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Overview of the "Kayak2Kayak" forum:
I live in Brest, at the western tip of Brittany, in France. I have obtained the “Pagaie Rouge” (4 stars) certification and I am working on getting the “Pagaie Noire” (5 stars) level.
Is there a cheap way to get to Corsica, Marseille, Scotland or Sweden and paddle a sea kayak there?
Flying "low cost" and checking in minimal gear (cloths, tent, stove, sleeping bag, mattress, marine charts, etc.) is the easy start. But before leaving, it is necessary to find a trustworthy person to exchange kayak with. In my case, that person would be able to use my boat in Brittany and I would paddle their boat in the Mediterranean, Scotland or wherever they are.

I did not feel immediately comfortable with such an arrangement, knowing that my kayak could be damaged or wrecked. The risk involved was a bit overwhelming.

However, as time passed, I started to realize that such an exchange could enable me to live an unforgettable, rich and unique paddling experience at sea. For a return ticket of only a hundred Euros, I would be able to discover and paddle new landscapes. I know that one would have to be careful when entrusting somebody living far away, maybe abroad. But kayakers know each other and they can exchange information through paddling clubs, by email, and assess somebody’s ability to keep one’s word. So, if more and more paddlers offer their boats for potential exchange, as time goes, trustworthy partners will emerge and their positive experiences will enable others.

In Brest, Brittany, I own 3 kayaks: Romany Sport PE, Romany Surf K/C and Xplore-L G Core.

I decided to create this Web site to allow private individuals, clubs and kayakers groups to save money, time and energy by exchanging their kayak(s) for one or more weeks.

We can share our contact information and chat through this forum private message system. Before exchanging any gear, I would advise any participating individual or group leader to exchange recent photographs of the boats and gear to be exchanged. A scan of the owner’s photo ID (identity card, passport, etc.) and of its kayak “carte de circulation” should be shared.

Mutual responsibilities:
A leaking kayak is considered unfit for use and the borrower would be entitled to ask for the leak to be immediately fixed or to get another boat with perfectly waterproof hatches.

Once the exchange period is over, when the kayaks are being brought back to their owner, there should be an inspection and report.
- If a kayak has been scratched or punctured or if some elements have been lost (e.g. a hatch cover) the group leader is responsible to repair or replace the damaged or lost gear. If they can’t do so, they must pay for the purchase or the repair of the damaged or lost gear, upon receiving a quote or invoice.
- If a kayak is wrecked, the borrowing group leader must immediately pay the loaner an amount of cash according to the following price scheme: It is assumed a kayak depreciates by 10 % yearly. Therefore, a kayak bought for €3000 on January 1st, 2019, would have to be reimbursed €2700 on January 1st, 2020, or €2430 on January 1st, 2021.
- Your insurance may cover the repair cost of a kayak if a third party is responsible for the damage. If you did the damage, the insurer will not cover the cost.

Jef Delcamp, owner of this site, (kayak2kayak.com), is only facilitating the connexion between people and group leaders who wish to paddle far away from their home base without the need to bring their own boat on their journey. Jef Delcamp cannot be held liable for any consequence resulting from exchanging kayaks through this web site. Each party is responsible to make sure the other party is trustworthy.

If, after a year or so, at least a dozen of people or group leaders have registered on kayak2kayak.com and successfully exchanged their kayaks, this site will have reach its goal: helping kayakers to paddle far away from home.

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. With your help, I hope we will also be able to offer a series of links to official Web sites with boating regulation information pertaining to as many countries as possible.

For the French regulations, please check: https://www.randokayak.com/reglementati ... ak-de-mer/
For visiting the isles of Brittany, please visit: https://www.randokayak.com/bivouac-et-c ... ak-de-mer/

Jef Delcamp

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